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Jet Blue Airlines Reviews

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  • JetBlue robbery

    Unfortunately my grandmother had passed away I had to go to Puerto Rico to bury her.first off My flight was delayed for hours made it to Puerto Rico late then on the day of my grandmother being buried I booked a flight back home after I buried her for 2:04pm i left the grave site straight to the airport got there at 1:30pm I had to be at work at 6:30pm the flight was delayed til 2:40pm for the plane to not leave til 3:30ish then we was told that JFK airport was closed and that we was going to Washington,Dulles for idk what reason when there were at least 3 other airports closer then at JFK... More...
    Justincadiz1's Picture   Justincadiz1    1 Comments   Comments
  • Canceled flights with bullshit excuses.

    What the hell ever happened to customer service~!!!! I have been canceled twice in one day The customer service in Las Vegas is the worst I have delt with. 1. Darryl (Lead) 2. Dianne 3. Charles All Three need training again. Once I was canceled and told them I would never fly this airline again, they put through a cancel refund request to go back on my CC. Was then told it would take 3-5 days UNACCEPTABLE!!!! The excuses for the flight cancel were that the weather was bad and runway construction..... More...
    MontyBacus's Picture   MontyBacus    0 Comments   Comments
  • Flight 223 LAX

    To whom it may concern, We have been sitting on the plane for over an hour and half at the Jet Blue terminal with no air conditioning. It has now hit 100 degrees on the plane with a packed flight and no resolve. The very fact that they would not let us off, transfer us to a different flight or at the very least offer us some cold water, I find this dehumanizing. I'm requesting that you provide us with a full refund or a free round trip to any US State. Please advise immediately as this is unacceptable how we are being treated. Jet Blue Flight 223 from JFK to Lax departing at 8:38am. More...
  • SCAMS!!

    I had already bought my ticket for 3 going to Orlando Florida from LGA NY. It hasn't been that long since I traveled and I remember when I didn't have to pay for luggages for traveling. Coming to find out now I have to pay extra for any luggages on the flight. They charge travelers who want to bring bags over the business travelers who don't need one. That's pretty unfair. Never again will I waste a cent on this Airline. Your a ripoff! More...
    RachelA's Picture   RachelA    2 Comments   Comments
  • Flight cancelation

    3/5/15 On a return flight from NYC to buffalo our 9:55 pm fight was delayed due to weather for over an hour this went on until 3am when the flight was cancelled . We were turned away from the terminal with no information as to where are bags would be and when we finally found our luggage we were directed to the ticket line that was over crowded and disorganized , with luck my travel partner discovered the service area for flight changes ect. And wean aged to get a flight out some 19 hrs later %uD83D%uDE21 no one offered any real assistance in the way of food or any kind of Comfort at all .... More...
    Isitsafe4u's Picture   Isitsafe4u    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost Baggage

    On Aug 2014 I travelled from SFO to LGB; we checked in 4 bags and only 3 made it to the other side. I lodged a report and followed up multiple times before finally having my case referred to the CBS in Salt Lake City. Since returning back home to Australia it has been nothing but difficult to deal with my so called case manager. I work in case management and if I did my job like this lady, I%u2019m not sure I%u2019d have one at all! You state %u201CJet Blue exists to provide superior service in every aspect of our customer%u2019s air travel experience.%u201D I hardly think avoidance,... More...
    Darsh's Picture   Darsh    0 Comments   Comments
  • Reason for Cancellation Letter - for insurance

    I need a letter stating the reason for cancellation of flight 2202 JFK - BUF November 19th, 2015. This is needed for a trip interruption insurance claim though Manulife. I was originally told by Manulife that all airlines are legally obligated to provide such a letter at the airport, however, this is not the case at JFK. After calling JetBlue directly, I was sent to the generic comments area on the website. However I do not have much faith in this. Can someone please provide me with the actual email address where I can request such a thing as it is an impossibility at the airport. More...
  • Superior Service

    It was a pleasure flying Jet Blue Flight 225 on 10/25/14. Specificly because my flight attendant Derek was efficiant, respectful,and personable. An unsafe customer opened the overhead bin during a time when buckle seat belt sight was on and Derek handled her with respect and knowladge. Then he made the rest of the customers feel better by informing us when beverage service would be. Kudos to Derek from an ex flight attendent and nanny, you know the art of distract and reward. The rest of the flight this mans" service was impecable. Far beyond all you could ask or think. Thank you... More...
    FionaGrace1's Picture   FionaGrace1    0 Comments   Comments
  • Superior Service

    It was a pleasure to fly Jet Blue flight 225 from JFK-TPA on 10/25/14 specificly because of the service provided by a flight attendant on boaurd that night named Derek. It began with an unsafe passanger oppening the overhead compartment after our buckle your seatbelt light came on. He was polite to her while, correcting her and getting the rest of us safe, he made the rest of is feel better by announcing when beverage service would be arriving. Kudos out to Derek from an ex flight attendant and nanny, this man knew how to distract and reward. His personality was respectful, efficiant,... More...
    FionaGrace1's Picture   FionaGrace1    0 Comments   Comments
  • terrible customer service at JFK

    checked in at JFK on 10/14/2014 for a flight to west palm beach airport. I approached the counter where 2 JetBlue associates were having a conversation. I was told to get back in the line until I am called. When they finally called "next" both associates refused to check me in because "they don't know where I came from and may not have been on line". I guess that they were upset that I walked up to the counter while they were having a conversation. I had to ask for a supervisor who then checked me in half heartedly. I asked the supervisor if JetBlue's corporate... More...
    jayp's Picture   jayp    0 Comments   Comments
  • Favortism, Poor management. Lack of Moral

    The company doesn't follow its own policies and procedures when it comes to disciplining its employees. The management plays favorites with its ass kissing employees. They allow one supervisor to speak for all supervisors even if the others are not aware of the problem. They promote employees who have little to no skill over employees that are well qualified for positions. The employees do not feel valued and don't even get a thank you for sending flights out on time to make their numbers.They have departments to assist the employees with complaints and all they do is just listen... More...
    jesse2626's Picture   jesse2626    0 Comments   Comments
  • Damaged Baggage

    I arrived from PUJ flight 368 to JFK yesterday evening and after coming back home I saw that 2 of my 4 bags' zippers were ripped and missing along with each of the bags locks. Please advise me as how I should proceed with my claim and who I should send picture evidences along with any other necessary information. My contact information is: George Michael 732-355-9270 More...
    gmich700's Picture   gmich700    0 Comments   Comments
  • Gate attendents to hiding behind "policy"

    NY-SF flight 415 on 07/08/14 JFK Term 5, Gate 6. Ticketing agent who issued boarding passes informed passenger and parent who's not travelling w/ the child (13 years old) that the airline will take custody of child at the boarding time. Gate attendants had different interpretation of the policy - parent must stay until plane leaves the gate. Of course, gate attendants ensured compliance by having the kid board LAST and holding onto sign-off till plane leave. Not saying they were not right, but why antagonize anyone, not least the parent. The guy made a choice to be late for... More...
    jetbluerant's Picture   jetbluerant    0 Comments   Comments
  • gave them plenty of notice but they lied

    My husband raved about Jetblue, we always used Delta but because of my husbands pleasant trip, we made the reservation for me to go back home to MA for my yearly heart appt. and moving to FL and getting a new dr., they could not regulate my INR ratio for my new heart valve so quickly. And because of high/low INR, blood clots or bleeding to death is a factor. When I called the airlines they told me to wait a just before the date of departure so I would not lose any money. I did just that and 6 weeks later I cancelled until I was stabled with my pt/ptt. And they lied to me and the agent... More...
    JaniceT's Picture   JaniceT    0 Comments   Comments

    I had a flight from jfk to msy leaving at 255pm. Oyr flught was delayed numerous times now mind you, it was HURRICANE ARTHUR and we were on the tarmac and I wasnt feeling well. I told the stewardess I was not feeling well and wanted to get off. I got off with my mom to try and rebook for another time with no success. The pilot deemed me as a " no fly" meanwhile we have the real problems out there. I was highly upset because I was sick. My flight wound up leaving jfk late, circling then back at jfk at 948pm. The pilot and jetblue should worry how tool treat customers instead... More...
    amj04's Picture   amj04    0 Comments   Comments
  • horrible service

    I was flying back home on flight 1716 and as soon as I got on to the plane I wasn't greeted at all and the flight attendant was holding up the passagers. When they came to hand out free drinks I asked for a sprite and we and she gave me an attitude and rolled her eyes. A passage then asked what this charge was on the credit card and how come she didn't receive her snack she paid for, the flight attendant then said well I did not charge you . And to top if off my seat is broken. I believe her name is Kimberly very rude person on this plane if she's not happy doing this job... More...
    tvond30's Picture   tvond30    0 Comments   Comments

    J0930's Picture   J0930    0 Comments   Comments
  • Canceled flight for JetBlue awful customer service

    Awful service my flight was cancelled due to a fire in the Chicago airport. I was traveling with a sprained ankle and was taken out of a wheelchair cause I wasn't a senior citizen. I had to be booked on a flight for the next day and had to argue with the staff for just transportation compensation! Ridiculous they are lucky I didn't need a hotel! I don't believe anyone was offered compensation for anything! I was at the airport for 6 hours no wheelchair and no flight. They also couldn't pull my checked bag for me to take it home. The flight the next day was delayed due to... More...
  • Flight Cancellation

    This request for inquiry concerns a weather related cancellation of my flight by JetBlue when the FAA reports no weather related delays. JetBlue informs me on Sat. 5/10/14 at 12:30 EST my flight has been cancelled due to weather delays in the area. Airline tells me no other flights available on 5/10 and Re-books me for flight on 5/11. No offer of compensation for lodging, meals or transportation reimbursement due to weather delay. After investigation with FAA Flight Delay website, no weather related delays have been issued on 5/10. Further, links FAA data)... More...

    Had to cancel flight from SAN to SJD because I had pneumonia. We ate one ticket and a credit was issued for the other. Upon trying to use the credit, the website wouldn't accept it, we tried many, many times. Then called, many, many times. No one answers the phone! Ever! We finally got someone to answer the phone but by then the credit had expired by one day. Unbelievable that the credit was not honored. I simply can't believe the horrible customer service or the rudeness of the agent. We will never fly with you again and will spread the word. More...
    gabbipatti's Picture   gabbipatti    0 Comments   Comments
  • Jetblue will refund my money

    Cancelled my flight with JETBLUE,They took out the cancellation fee but put the rest in a credit account vice sending it back to my credit card. From the information I am getting I will never see that money again. Since it was in their agreement that if you fully understood nobody would fly with them period. The money will always be in there account holding for me to fly again, and when it expires, they just keep the money and it is legal. I feel ripped off and will never fly with these people again. More...
    tbenton's Picture   tbenton    0 Comments   Comments
  • Bad policy

    I bought 3 round-trip tickets with a lap baby (4 people total) flying from Boston to Dallas. I was DENIED online check-in the night before my scheduled return with a note suggesting to check-in at the counter for the return flight (Flight 1214). I was charged an additional $600 for my lap child (who is now 2 yrs & 12 days old) and is still a lap child sitting on the lap of an adult. I acknowledge my mistake for forgetting to shop for the return trip ticket, however what Jet Blue did was unreasonable and low-balling. What you could have done is to restrict the completion for purchase... More...
    shawnxnguy's Picture   shawnxnguy    0 Comments   Comments
  • Vacation ruined and had to spend thousands!

    Jet Blue cancelled our flight to puerto Rico from Tampa. They offered no alternative option to get to our destination. They did not have adequate staff to deal with passengers or allow any rebooking options. Our checked bags were thrown out near baggage claim without anyone letting us know. We waited three days to talk to a representive only to be told "too bad and we were not the only passengers in this boat". We called endlessly for 3 days to be put in hold for hours and then hung up on or a message saying we could call back. We had to sleep in our car after being in the airport... More...
    Ajean124's Picture   Ajean124    1 Comments   Comments
  • A terrible experience with no custormer service

    My 16 years old daughter planned to take flight #918 of Jetblue from JFK to Bos on Jan 5. The flight was delayed for quite a few hours so we decided to change operator as she needed to be back in her boarding school on time. She was in a queue at the JB counter in JFK trying to pull out her luggage. After helping other customers to pull back their luggage, the ground staff refused to retrieve my daughter"s luggage and told her to claim it once she arrived in Logan. She followed every single instruction and claimed the luggage at JB counter in Logan. Your staff then told her it was... More...
    CMSUN's Picture   CMSUN    0 Comments   Comments
  • Stolen Items

    Flying from Port-at-Prince Haiti? Beware! My mom's suitcase was ransacked and her medication stolen from her bag, A tin of ground coffee was torn open and spilled inside of her bag which was opened by Jetblue baggage handlers. Her sheets and her clothes were soiled and the wrappers surrounding the coffee torn and shredded were left in the suitcase. The overall trip was pleasant, but the thievery and dishonesty of the Port-au-Prince baggage handlers should not be taken lightly. It was a pure violation of her privacy and our trust as passengers. I cannot say that I would fly... More...

    Flying from Port-at-Prince Haiti? Beware! My mom's suitcase was ransacked and her pain medication stolen from her bag, A tin of ground coffee was torn open and spilled inside of her bag which was opened by Jetblue baggage handlers. Her sheets and her clothes were soiled and the wrappers surrounding the coffee torn and shredded were left in the suitcase. The overall trip was pleasant, but the thievery and dishonesty of the Port-au-Prince baggage handlers should not be taken lightly. It was a pure violation of her privacy and our trust as passengers. I cannot say that I would fly... More...
    mflorexile's Picture   mflorexile    1 Comments   Comments
  • Poor Customer Service

    There was a mistake in booking one of two flights. I called and they said there would be a $150 change fee and double the amount of points. The rep said he would waive the change fee. I put another family member on the phone and he said the same thing. He made me wait while he documented it. I said that we would call back to make the change. When i called back, the supervisor said there was no record of the first call and they would not waive the fee. This such poor customer service! They misrepresented themselves, have extremely long waits to speak to a person, the supervisors have... More...
  • Sorry we cant help

    my experience with JetBlue over the years has been great ever since a couple days ago. I received terrible dying matter family news and had to get on the next flight out which was in 5 hours racing around not thinking straight I get to the airport and check in with just a carry on 2 minutes after their 20 minute close the doors rule. the plane was not even full, it was 5:45 am and the staff at the airport was quite cold to my situation. It was a 'No you're not getting on this plane' before they even made the call to the gate. Not the best customer service JetBlue! on top of... More...
    fmarinello's Picture   fmarinello    0 Comments   Comments
  • Delay flight

    On 10-9-13, Wednesday, I took Fight 1117 from LGA,New York to Tampa, Florida. The departure was 4.00pm and not until 8.30pm and I miss my friend's wedding party. Yet a gentleman who worked as a counter staff was inside the plane and he proclaimed from the intercom that Jet Blue would give every passage a coupon for a round trip ticket. But even we got off and no such action was taken. Yet some people said your company will e-mail us. But I did not see any thing in my email. So it is a light white lie to cloud our anger only More...
    davidkng's Picture   davidkng    0 Comments   Comments
  • Jet Blue Airlines Ruined a New Suitcasw

    My flight back from MCO would have been fine except they ruined a new suitcase. The zippers had been ripped off and my articles had been gone through, and not by TSA. My shirt and shampoo had been moved to a front pocket and of course the shampoo burst getting the shirt sticky and I wanted that shampoo as a memory of the resort I had stayed in. I am missing a lock that was a TSA lock I paid $25 for and the other is on a ruined zipper. I had to rip the suitcase open to get to one part. Did they apologize? No because it was a zipper. Well they had thieving employees breaking into a suitcase... More...
    Les004's Picture   Les004    0 Comments   Comments
  • broke my stroller and a bag

    I took a flight from Newark (EWR) to Orlando (MCO) 08/30/13 9:19 PM - 11:54 PM JetBlue Airways 527 and returned back from Orlando (MCO) to Newark (EWR) 09/02/13 1:35 PM - 4:23 PM JetBlue Airways 928 These guys are horrible. I had a stroller for my baby. They broke the wheels. The stroller was so expensive and was 3 months that i had purchased it. The stroller was a total loss. such a bad experience!! there was a bag that i had checked in, they broke the strap of the bag. When i went to complain, the lad was very rude, she said they cant do any thing about it. how can they break 2 of my... More...
    suniti's Picture   suniti    0 Comments   Comments

    This just happend with me on my UFV flight to JFK. The incompetent staff dilly dallied around until it was too late for me to board finally. There was ample time to board the flight> but because JetBlues staff does not take customer service seriously- I was bumped off the flight. Then, because of the misdirection, was offered a reschedule to turn up on the next days flight. When the incompetent worker was attempting to resolve this, initiating a waived transfer for the next day flight, he realized that he could not get through the system to complete the process with out an authorization... More...
    zapbemama's Picture   zapbemama    0 Comments   Comments
  • Jet blue flight

    While flying from San Juan Puerto Rico on 8/27/13 on flight number 1504 I had the worst flying experience of my life. I was assigned seat 11B and the man next to me who was seated on 11A was over 400 pounds and was actually taking up his seat and mine. I was flying with my wife and she was seated on seat 11D. The man who was assigned the seat 11C was nice enough to exchange seats with my wife because he knew that all 3 of were going to be very tight in that section and that I would be leaning on him if he stayed there. So I was lucky enough to lean on my wife the whole 4 hour trip back to... More...
    dee22212's Picture   dee22212    1 Comments   Comments
  • Made My Trip Happen!

    To all of my wonderful people, I have a story to share. I recently reserved a round trip flight with United Airlines to attend my friends wedding this past weekend. In the attempt to save some money, I went with an extremely early flight out of Nantucket (5:50am). I failed to arrive early enough to have the attendants print my ticket at the desk so I could go through the security check... And missed my flight. Okay, my own fault. I proceeded to find another flight to get me to my destination (RDU) in time. It was a one way ticket with US Airways. It worked out. Good. Came back to RDU... More...
    Mikeniemchak's Picture   Mikeniemchak    0 Comments   Comments
  • Lost luggage

    On 4/13/13 I flew into Orlando on JetBlue flight #79. When I went to get my luggage it was not on the belt. I filed a claim with the baggage dept. at the airport, was given a report number and told to purchase new clothes, toiletries etc...for up to 5 days as it could take that long to find my luggage. I was told I would be reimbursed for 100% of my purchases. I went to Target and spent about $280 on clothes for my wife and I as the suitcase that was lost contained all of my clothes and hers as well as all of our toiletries. I purchased 3 pairs of shorts for each of us, 3 t-shirts each and... More...
    Crosadini's Picture   Crosadini    0 Comments   Comments
  • Jetblue employee made me loose my flight

    Hello my name is Elsie Salas and I was booked on flight 725 from JFK to BQN today at 5:40 am I got there about 4:45 am. While waiting on a long line at about 5:10 am there was a call for my flight, a jetblue worker came towards me and I told him I was on that flight he told me to wait beacuse there were only 4 people ahead of me and that I would make my flight. Well, when I finally made it to the counter at about 5:15, the gentelman told me that flight was closed. Had the employee taken me to the front when the call was made I would have made my flight, which in my case was a family... More...
    Musulmana's Picture   Musulmana    1 Comments   Comments
  • Lack of communication following cancellation.

    Jetblue Airlines has consistently met my expectations as far as customer service is concerned; however, this last trip vastly lowered my experience as a flyer. Thirty minutes before my flight from Salt Lake City to Long Beach was due to board we were notified that the flight would be delayed. The flight was delayed 45 minutes so they asked us to gather in order to prepare to board and depart quickly upon the arrival of the flight. After waiting nearly an hour we were told that the flight had been cancelled! We were then told that we would be redirected to another flight the next day but... More...
    hlancer's Picture   hlancer    0 Comments   Comments
  • Theft from luggage at Jet Blue in New Orleans

    On June 19th, 9:40A.M. flight from New Orleans to New York JFK A purse was stolen from my luggage. I have no hope for satisfaction in this matter, but I think you should know about this. New Orleans is infamous for criminal activities of all sorts, but it is very upsetting when you can not even travel without having your luggage pilfered. We can not lock our luggage for security reasons and I fully understand this, but what can we do to protect ourselves from this abusive mentality? More...
    positano's Picture   positano    0 Comments   Comments
  • Base

    I believe JetBlue airlines should make it mandatory for all pilots to live no further then 300 miles from their base location. This would ensure that pilots are well rested and better equipped to handle life and death situations. After all they do have hundreds of people's lives in their hands. I am aware of a pilot that works for jet blue right now that is based out of Boston, but lives in Oregon. He must commute from one coast to another before he can even start working. This is absurd. Clearly a person would have to be out of their mind to not value their health, time and energy... More...
    Forever21's Picture   Forever21    0 Comments   Comments
  • Website error costed me time, money & sleep

    First time ever traveling with JetBlue. Got to airport 7 flight was delayed for 2 hours. Later there was a gate transfer & had to walk all the way to other gate. No seats there to sit & had to wait standing all the time. Got in the plane & another half hour wait on run way before pilot took off. On my way back, got to airport & found out my ticket is for next month. Unprofessional, rude & unacknowledged staff. Nobody at office could he me. Made me pay $310 for ticket change & told me it was refundable. Never got that money back. Called them several times & after... More...
    maxx2's Picture   maxx2    0 Comments   Comments
  • Wrong information on gate, gate change without advise

    I arrived at the Orlando airport 1 hour and half before departure time. I confirmed the gate with one of the employees at the JetBlue check in. I stayed at the gate written on my ticket and confirmed by the employee for more than an hour. Some other gates were making annoucements with very bad sound no one could understand, mostly saying "sorry for the delay". 20 minutes before my plane whould departure, no employee showed up and I went to inquire about my plane. They told me it had left through another gate. Their announcements are horrible, you cannot hear or understand, they... More...
    Marcialex's Picture   Marcialex    0 Comments   Comments

Jet Blue Airlines Reviews By Product

Jet Blue Airlines Comments

DK223 says: (4 years ago)
I have been appalled by this recent fiasco with Jet Blue closing down the airline for 17 on January 8, 2014. I was called by a computer that the flight I was scheduled to be on with my son was cancelled. We were literally stranded by Jet Blue and my patients left in the lurch.
When we called the airline, the message said go on the website, and when we went on the website, we were given the Jet Blue number to call. My son was scheduled to fly Alaska Airlines the following day from Seattle to San Francisco. Finally, after being unable to reach Jet Blue until January 8th, , we contacted Alaska Airlines who was able to reach Jet Blue after being on hold for 2 hours. They could not reschedule my son's flight until we knew when we could get back to the West Coast. I was told by a Jet Blue representative that the first available flight was on Saturday, January 11th and that it is the policy of Jet Blue that if you do not have a refundable ticket, they had the right to cancel any flight and any time and that it was not their responsibility to provide any compensation or assistance with accommodations. Then I was told that Jet Blue couldn't book a flight for us since we flew from Seattle to JFK on American Airlines and that the ticket was written on an American ticket stock and I needed to contact American Airlines. At that point, she hung up on me. I contacted Alaska Airlines the next day and was told that was not true at all and that I needed to demand that since Jet Blue canceled the flight, it was Jet Blues responsibility to get us on the flight to the West Coast. If American Airlines had to book a flight, it would be considered a new flight. The representative again contacted Jet Blue for me and after a 2 hour wait, she got a representative at Jet Blue. She said she couldn't stay on the line but apologized as the agent was very rude to her and was not helpful. She suggested that I ask for a manager. Again, I was treated rudely and after waiting another 2 hours, I finally got a manager who did indeed book me and my son on the flight for Saturday. As I am in my own business, that was a week of cancelled patients. She was not able to deal with any expenses that the cancellation caused me.

I have since contacted Jet Blue about any compensations and was told to go to the website as my son and I would qualify for 2 free tickets and a refund for submitted expenses that were incurred. Tonight I again called Jet Blue as I could not negotiate the website and was told we would not qualify for any free tickets, although that was the information that Newsday printed in the newspaper, unless our flights were cancelled at least 3 times. I cannot deal with Jet Blue anymore- I cannot deal with the aggravation and the conflicting information. I have never dealt with any situation that was handled as incompetently as this.

tumper269 says: (7 years ago)
My wife and 8 year old son was scheduled to depart out of JFK at 9:50pm Eastern 3/20/11. They arrived at the airport at 9:10pm to find out they were late and the plane was departing. If a flight was "on time" all the way up to 9:50pm, how can it depart at 9:15pm? She was not notified of this irresponsible mishap, nor was anything tried to prevent or compensate for this. All she received was a "sorry". Well here is your "sorry" JetBlue. Because of this my wife and 8 year old son is stuck in NYC with zero means of getting home tonight. I will not use this airline in the future, nor recommend it to every one I know.

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